Three Rivers Graphics, LLC  Award Winning Services for Auctioneers

With postage rates at an all time high, auctioneers are looking to mail their printed pieces in a timely and economic way. We have many options for cutting your mail costs utilizing up-to-date mail regulations. We are proficient in mail list development and acquisition and provide client database upkeep and maintenance. Direct mail is an auctioneer's link to his customers. It is a known fact that 98 percent bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77 percent sort through it immediately. 
Getting the information to the potential buyer in a timely manner is our goal. Mass advertising is expensive and isn't always an option for an auctioneer. A mail list focused on individuals in your target area gives you more bang for your buck. With a printed piece you can appeal to individuals with interest in what you are offering at your next auction. This list can grow and be updated with participants from each auction event. 
From eye-catching and colorful postcards, brochures, and catalogs you can create interest in your upcoming auction. There are many designs and formats you can use. Some auctions may require a postcard while others would need a brochure or catalog. There are many options for you to choose from. A direct mail piece places your message in your potential bidders hands. With a well designed marketing piece you can create interest in your upcoming auctions and give the bidder a clear outline of your terms and conditions for bidding.
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Award winning printed pieces mailed and delivered on time!  
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